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Jay // Edwards


Triple Threat!

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Sugar cane’t

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About me

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I started creating...

music when I was about 14 on my dad's MacBook Pro with GarageBand. It was fascinating & fun to organize the loops and sounds into little amateur works of art! 

Years later I wrote my first song & haven't stopped ever since. I learned ProTools, bought Avid's Eleven Rack interface, & the lovely AKG C414 XLII as my first mic (much to my parents' astonishment). I knew I was serious about recording & producing when I started spending a lot of money on gear. 

I attended Ball State University in Muncie, IN from 2015 to May 2018, where I was a Music Media Production student until my last semester (before changing majors to BGS to graduate in 3 years). I learned even more about recording, lead Ball State's University Singers' team of audio technicians, & got to attend the Popakadmie in Mannheim, Germany for a week after winning BSU's first "Spring Shout Songwriting Competition"! Oh, and I also met some really great people that I like to call my friends. 

Want me to play music for your event?  ⇾  E-mail me!